WHAT WE DO - 艺比意





-Store Design

We got the store Design experience and implication, we have own design style, that can help company increase brand and customer feel because we have unique vision and thought. 






-Retail environment and traffic path

How can increase the sale rate , I believed every retail employee can understand, display is very important for attract customer, but we need to know where people will walk, that we can display better, The good path design can help customer to look more products.






-Product lamplight design and public area lamplight design

We sale the different products need to think light color temperature, the good products need good light, we choose the right lamplight, that we got a right sale tool, the different light sensation different fee for the customer, we can increase our sale with the comfortable lamplight and shopping environment.






-Store construction

For ten years, we developed with customer comments and suggestion, our team  increase skill and construction site management continuously, we have many good master worker help our keep the customer interests better.






-Counter and furniture make

We are founding a 3000 square meters factory at Shanghai Pudong at 2011. For this develop, we hope that can control quality and service customer better.